April 20, 2009

Spring in Connecticut

I flew back to Connecticut this past weekend for a family event and to check in on my 88 year old mother. Being a quick trip, I only packed my K20D and 31mm lens. The weather turned out to be sunny and warm, and I was able to carve out a little free time to try and capture a few photos showing the signs of springs.

Except for the photo of the field of daffodils, all the other photos were taken around my mother's house and land. I tried to find scenes and composition that tested the 31mm's wonderful resolving capabilities. Although I have used this lens more than any other piece of Pentax glass, it continues to surprise me in the way it consistently renders highlights, shadows and color regardless of the scene or lighting.

While I spent most of my time outside, I did take a few photos inside my mother's house to mix in some hand held natural light interiors to juxtapose against the primarily outdoor nature scenes. I haven't photographed many interiors with this lens previously, and was fairly happy with these casual tests especially since they were all shot at f/4.0 and between 1/6 and 1/8 sec.

All photos shot in RAW and converted with CS3 (no adjustments) into jpegs for uploading to Blogger. Double click on the thumbnails for a larger image.