February 7, 2009

DA Limited Lens Case

We just received initial production pieces of the DA Limited Lens Case. I thought a few Pentaxians might like to see some detailed photos of the final product. The case should be available for sale in the next week or two at the pentaxwebstore in the US, as well as any dealers that choose to carry the item. The case measures approximately 9"(L) x 3.75" (D) x 3" (H). It comes with 4 padded dividers that have velcro tabs. Retail price is $49.95.

Photos shot with K20D and FA 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens.

(Note: As we sourced this product in the US, from Case Logic, I don't know if other Pentax subsidiaries will carry it.)

A few people have asked if you can use this case for the FA Limited's. As I only have a 31mm Limited with me, I posted a photo below showing this lens in the case. Not sure if the photo does a good job of showing it, but the 31mm is too big for the case. Very tight fit and too much pressure on the zipper to close the case. Sort of like trying to fit a size 10 foot in a 9 shoe!