December 28, 2006

"UPstrap" camera strap

I've always preferred "minimalist" camera straps. I heard good things about the "non-slip" camera and bag straps from UPstrap, a small company in Tallahassee, FL. I've been using the RF (small size) UPstrap with the K10D for the past few weeks. It's a nice strap, well-made, and the grippy, rubber pad definitely stays on your shoulder...even if you're wearing a nylon type parka. I have no connection with UPstrap and therefore am only sharing my initial observations using this a happy customer :-)

Here's the link to their website, if you want more info.
UPstrap "non-slip" straps

November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving photos

We were blessed with a warm, sunny Thanksgiving day here in southern California. I was able to take my K10D with me on our walk down the beach to the pier in San Clemente, as well as take some family snapshots after dinner. All images shot RAW and processed into JPEGS; ISO 200; lenses used inclued a 31mm, 50mm, and 200mm.

October 1, 2006

Amsterdam with DA 70mm "Pancake"

I left Photokina Friday to spend three days with my wife in Amsterdam. As we both like to walk and explore, it gave me a great opportunity to test the new DA f/2.4 70mm "pancake" lens. The lens is from the final, pre-production run. Typically, these sample lenses exhibit the same quality as a full production unit.
I used the lens with a K100D. Photos were shot at various ISO's (from 200 to 800) and various apertures to see how the lens performed. All images were shot in RAW, and procesed in SilkyPix 2E.
(NOTE: If you click on the small images in my post, you should get a larger image in a new window.)