May 2, 2010

Weekend in Connecticut

Despite this being a very short visit to Connecticut, we were fortunate to have one of the area's first summer like, clear and just a touch of humidity. This time of the year the lawn, shrubs and foilage are still vibrant and there's this lovely canopy of filtered light anywhere that you happen to be...whether it's walking through the woods or strolling the grounds around a house.

From a photography perspective, these type of days offer tremendous contrast, diffuse lighting and a wonderful saturation of colors provided you can find the right combination of light and composition.

All photos shot with the K-x and either the FA Limited 31mm or 77mm. As always, I shot in AV mode to control my aperture and set the ISO to either 200 or 400. RAW images were processed in PhotoShop CS4 to produce these jpeg's for uploading on blogger. Images are all full size (I did not crop any image) and other than boosting saturation and vibrancy in some of the images, I did no other post processing.

While the 31mm is my favorite "if I could only have one lens" piece of glass, the 77mm continues to amaze me in how it handles contrast, yet delivers sharpness or "snap" as well as beautiful color rendition and saturation as seen in the photos of the lady reading the Sunday paper, the skunk cabbage as well as the interior shots...especially the close-up views of the antique pitcher with the silver top.

(Note: Click on any thumbnail to see a larger image file.)