September 25, 2005

Central City, Colorado

Central City and Black Hawk is the site of Colorado's first major gold rush in 1859. Today, you can take a bus up here to get rich at the many casinos that, for some, have ruined the charm of this historic area. Driving up past the casinos you can reach the summit (9,000 ft) to explore the original Central City cemetery and remnants of the gold mines. Today was a beautiful fall day and the Aspen trees were at their peak, as seen in the photo of the Boodle Mill. All photos, expect Boodle Mill, were shot with the Pentax *istDS and the DA14mm lens.


  1. Beautiful photos. I have never been to Colorado. No doubt, I would need a good wide-angle lens to take in the whole landscape. Did you use a PL filter to enhance the color of the sky? Perhaps, not.
    I am also an istDS user. I like this camera because it's small, light and easy to use. Beautiful pictures. Thank you.

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