June 10, 2007

San Clemente Car Show

Today was the 12th Annual San Clemente (CA) Car Show. As I typically do when shooting for fun, I went with my "One Day/One Lens" philosophy and used the 70mm "pancake" to photograph all the cars. I couldn't have gone with a wider angle lens to capture the entire car, as the event was crowded, and I didn't want to include heads and bodies of strangers in my photos. The 70mm FOV also gave me a bit of a challenge in that I had to focus only on car details or patterns that looked interesting. All photos shot in RAW with the K10D; processed with PhotoLab 3.1 into TIFF's; and converted them into small (< 1MB) JPEGs for web viewing.


  1. The last photo is very interesting. Did you buy anything, Mr. Bunnell?

  2. I take „Plane & Hood“, great colors and subjet!

  3. Very cool pictures. Automotive photography can be pretty tricky. Personally, I like a lot of low, horizontal light. Check out some of my shots from my detailing blog, DetailingGurus.Blogspot.com.