May 9, 2009

Rites of Passage

Some of my most enjoyable memories as a parent were coaching little league baseball and teaching my three sons to play the game. This morning I had a chance to see my three grandsons play on teams coached by their dads.

I haven't shot much with the DA18-250mm, since I tested this pre-production sample right before we announced the lens. However, I thought it would give me a good zoom range for these baseball games. Photos shot with this lens and the K20D. RAW files processed by CS3 to produce jpeg's for posting here on blogger.

(Note: click on any thumbnail to see a larger image.)


  1. My favorites is probably Yoji holding helmet and Yuta Dogout against fence.

    Thanks for sharing your photos.

  2. What an awesome time that must have been Ned. I cannot wait for my little guy to pick up sports.

    Thanks for sharing also.


  3. Ned,

    I really like the 10th shot down, Yo-stealing-2nd.jpg
    The facial expressions of the boys are priceless. Maybe...pretty the future... this could be a still photo and maybe a snipet in HD Video. :)

  4. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Great pictures, but these remind me of some pictures when I was a kid, taken with an old camera...

    When I see how the old Pentax lenses are successful on ebay (even for the oldest versions, with no autofocus, no measuring, no electronics, nothing else than lenses and good optical quality), I wonder whether it might be a nice idea for a brand such as Pentax to release old fashioned, minimalist DSLR bodies…

    What would you think (and how would your clients react ?) about a high quality DSLR body, with high image quality (similar to the most expensive bodies of your main competitors), but with no autofocus, no A mode, no program mode, no stabilization, no liveview, maybe no back screen… NOTHING !!! Only high quality sensor and great images… Maybe a little bit of recycled materials (plastic) would be a plus…

    Without any « non necessary » technology, only the absolutely necessary would remain… In this crisis period, that kind of product would have the advantage of being cheaper, ecological and break with the ideology of “always more complex, always more functions etc…” with a little bit of anti-growth concept...

    How would you feel about that ?

  5. Ned, you are a truly blessed man. The successes marked by this post are some of your best. That shot of Yoji standing with his glove is a fitting metaphor for the huge legacy he is growing into. Ya done good!

  6. Ned, about SDXC...
    in K-7 specs only SD and SDHC cards are mentioned. Will K-7 support SDXC in future with firmware update?