November 21, 2009

Colorado Railroad Musuem

Images shot with K-x and a FA77mm Limited lens. ISO 200. I shot in RAW and used CS4 to convert to jpegs for posting here on Blogger. Double click on thumbnails to see a larger image.


  1. Very well presented along the theme. Fa 77mm is the lens that I will keep for the rest of my life

  2. Hi Ned,

    The colors and clarity of your images are absolutely incredible. I know how good the 77mm lens is but this new sensor must have something to do with the IQ as well. I purchased the K-x a few weeks ago and really like the results, especially at high ISO. I can't help but thinking that a K-7x (K-x sensor with the technology of the K-7)would be the best Pentax DSLR yet.Given that about 90% of the people do not print larger that 8" x 10", the 12mp sensor is more than enough. Being a Pentax user for decades, I know that Pentax always come through with innovations on the leading edge.

  3. Ned, thanks for your posted images that definitely show off the capabilities of both the K-x and the FA 77. Just one question: Are these images mostly full size (100% or thereabouts) crops from much larger images or reduced size larger images? They are still good if the latter but incredible if the former!


  4. Hi Yvon,

    Nice to hear from you and thanks for the kind words. Partly, I took these shots because I'd seen a few comments claiming the K-x produced images that had nice IQ but lacked sharpness. I'm not finding that to be the case. Enjoy your K-x and let me know how you like it.

  5. Hi Gordon,

    Thanks for your comments. Two images ("orange brake" and "Manitou and Pikes") were slightly rotated and cropped. All other images were simply converted from RAW in CS4 and saved as smaller jpeg files for posting here. 100%, no cropping done. Not sure about other browsers, but with Firefox, I can click to see two larger image files if that would be of interest to you.


  6. The light you were working with is just beautiful. It really brings out the colors and textures and shapes you had to work with. Lovely stuff.

  7. I am very tempted to upgrade my istDs to a K-x. I was also looking at the Panasonic GH1 as I would prefer a smaller camera. However, when I checked the size of the K-x against the GH1, there was almost no difference in the size, but the K-x of course would be substantially cheaper for me as I have the lenses already, and has an optical finder which I prefer. Is there any chance of an articulating LCD for a future model as this would allow waist level "stealth" street photography in liveview mode.

  8. Hi Ned,

    Looks like you enjoyed a beautiful day. Thanks for posting this. Picked up a Kx on Friday and enjoyed using it over the weekend. Didn't try the FA77 but it worked great with the DA*200, and old FA*300 f4.5 and the excellent bang for the buck 18-55 kit lens. Still trying to figure out how to use this camera with manual lenses (the green button doesn't seem to stop-down meter - guess a trip through the user's manual is in order.)

    This camera will come in very handy as a backup to my K20D and will probably replace it when light levels require using ISOs greater than 640. The Kx image quality at high ISO levels is truly stunning. Congratulations on pulling this off. Will come in very handy for indoor sports. It would have been even better with focus indicators and micro-focus adjust. But then of course if you added those two features where would you stop? Oh yeah - at the K-7.

    Here's my wish list for next year in case you have any elves looking for something to whip up in the workshop:

    1) A fast 16mm (a usable f2.0 would be ideal - hopefully a slightly smaller and lighter version of the FA*24 f2.0). This would be perfect for candid indoor low available light photos. The DA14 2.8 is a really nice lens, but it is still one stop too slow and a hair wide for my needs. My DA12-24 is still getting lots of use, but a DA*16 would find a place in my camera bag within days of arriving at my local camera store.

    2) A fast 28mm (F1.8-2.0), but a little more friendly on the budget than the FA31 limited. My budget for this lens would allow spending $400-500 or so on something almost as good. Perhaps a non weather sealed DA series body. I'm using an M28 f2.8 to fill in as a normal walk-around on an istDS when I need a small package but it would be nice to have something a bit faster, autofocus, sharper and with better contrast in a package approximately the same size, without completely breaking the bank.

    3) Put a slightly enhanced sensor from the Kx in a body with the features of the K-7. I'm not the first person in this post to mention this - but it would be a very easy decision for me to buy that camera.

    Any of the above would be appreciated, three out of three would probably cause my wife to question my sanity as I returned from the camera store.

    Keep up the great work!

  9. Hi Ned,

    Just wanted to say thanks for recommending the 12-24mm to me a while back. I decided to make use of the rebates currently on offer and I'm now the proud owner of one of these beauties.


  10. Ned,

    Nice shots you got a good time of day for great light, captured it well. Liking the K-x but not enough to give up my K200d. Good to see the Gallopin Goose in there. Always reminds me of the song by C.W. McCall. Love shooting trains!


  11. Hi Ned,

    Nice shots. Any word on a future Pentax FF DSLR?



  12. Ned, I'm not an avid fan of railroad photos but this is an excellent series.
    Well done!

  13. Cool series of rr photos, truly shows what 77 capable of

    Mr Ned, why dont pentax send a good copy of k-x to dcresource or dpreview so that the world will know how good this little thing is.

  14. Hi Ned, I'm just wondering if you are interested in seeing a DM I made for K-7 over the weekend. I have the link to my Flickr, and a high-res image if you'd like to see more. Thank you.


  15. Hello Ned...

    these are beautiful images, which gives a lot of memories ...

    ...I have one small wish for the new year... :-)))

  16. Dear Ned,
    i would like to ask you
    "Does Maha Powerex 2700mAh can be used on K-x?"
    cause, i've buy these batteries, and i try on my K-x, wait about 5 minutes before turned ON, after 5 minutes, i turn the K-x, but the camera won't turned ON.. The light power display is still off too..
    (i use the brand new batteries direcly from the box without charging it first, but i already test these batteries on TV Remote)

    then i try to use my Eneloop 2000mAh rechargeable batteries on my K-x.. and they're works great! Several shoot (LiveView, Flash, Autofocus) and the battery indicator still green..

    so, what's wrong?
    1). the battery is broken?
    2). the camera (Battery issues)?
    3). or K-x only can used of maximum 2000mAH battery? (i've been search for this battery capacity on Manual Book, but i cant find the information about K-x maximum battery capacity)

    Please help me before i do something stupid with the camera :hammer:

  17. Hi Ned, as a industrial designer, I'm thinking that Pentax must really have an edge on their competition by beeing down to earth an have this kind of direct contact with the user, like your blog is an excellent example of.

    I wish the prices on your equipment here in Norway where as low as they are over there. Here the D300s costs the same as your K-7 so you don't have the edge on pricing. So I will get the "old" K20D instead ;)


  18. Hi Ned.
    I've recently noticed some SR failure experience on my two k-x. I've identified some blur introduced by the SR units especially shooting in portrait positions when I expect no blur. some blur can be as large as 10 pixels(identified by algorithm), and since I do not know how to get in touch with you personally, I have no choice but take the liberty to tell you here.
    Hope Pentax could address this problem as soon as possible.