April 30, 2013

My Leica M4

This is one of the M4's that I've shot with over the past 40 years. Originally purchased from EP Levine, Boston in 1973. Camera was CLA'd by DAG in 2004.

The original vulcanite cover is in very good shape. The only damage is a very small piece that is missing on the front left corner by the post where you attach the baseplate to. It's been like this for years and has not deteriorated further. See photo below.

There are minor scratches and rub marks on the baseplate. Below is a more detailed photo of the baseplate shot at a slightly different angle to show these marks. While these marks are typical of a camera that's over 40 years old and has been used, please note that there are no dents, grooves or deep cuts that have penetrated the metal.

Below is a photo from a different angle to show in more detail the rub marks on the film rewind crank.

Camera comes with the original M4 Instructions booklet.

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