June 26, 2013

GR Macro Photos of Classic Metal Type

While I loved the very close macro focusing offered by the GRD IV, I'll gladly give that up for the larger sensor and much higher IQ in the GR. However, I'll probably still use the GRD IV for macro shots of very small items which this camera excels at.
Up until now, I really have not played around with the GR's close-up capability and I needed some subject matter that would be good for my tests.
As I was very active in doing letterpress printing in my younger years, and I still have several typecases, a few fonts of classic metal type and some traditional boxes that were used for shipping and storing type, I thought the tones and detail in these artifacts would be a good test for the GR.
These photos were shot in macro mode in RAW and I simply converted them for posting here using CS6 and ACR.

Since metal type has such a lovely reflective quality to it, I also processed the original file using Nik Silver Efex.

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