June 17, 2013

GR photos of Bryce, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon and Mt. Rushmore

This first image taken with the GR of Mt. Rushmore was really just to provide scale or reference to the telephoto shot I took with the K-30 and DA* 200mm lens. I thought it would be interesting to show the difference between the GR's 28mm FOV versus the DA* 200's effective FOV of 300. Both photos were taken from the same spot.

Except for the second telephoto image of Mt. Rushmore, all other images were taken with the GR, shot in RAW. Images were processed with CS6 and ACR and converted "as shot" with absolutely no editing or adjustments to the images.

(Note: click on any image to see a larger file.)

Bright Angel Point, North Rim of Grand Canyon

Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces at Yellowstone

Yellowstone Lake is North America's largest high-altitude lake at 7,733 feet. It has 141 miles of shoreline and is 20 miles long by 14 wide. Its deepest spot is 410 feet with an average depth of 140 feet. The morning light was perfect and the lake was calm with no winds which is unusual. Click on this GR image of the lake to see a larger file as it's one of my favorite captures of the trip.

Bryce Canyon

Road going through Red Canyon on way to Bryce

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